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Solar Gates

Solar Gates Hire. Green solution for off-the-grid security gates. Hire from ATF Vision

Solar Gates


ATF can provide off the grid solar gates solutions.

Secure your site compound with a cost-effective, monitored solar gate solution which allows remote access via the ATF App on your smartphone device.

ATF Vision solar gates are suitable for civil works, construction sites, mine sites, and remote locations.

Two Hire Options:

  -  6m Smart Solar Gate includes two V4000 surveillance camera units

  -  4.5m Smart Solar Gate includes one V4000 surveillance camera unit.

  • Rapidly deployable
  • Free standing, easy levelling system
  • Open/close gate via ATF Smartphone App or remote control
  • Programmable automated self-closing gate with object detection safety system
  • Designed and compliant with AS1170.2 and AS4687
  • Wireless solution

The easy to use ATF Vision App gives you instant access to your gate system and allows you to remotely access, view and control from the palm of your hand.

Our solar powered security camera system is perfect for securing your high-value assets and property on small, medium and large construction, civil work sites and events.

Compliment your solar gates with our V8000, V4000 or V3000 outdoor solar surveillance systems.

The V8000 system is a dual focus system with interchangeable lenses and infrared lights to ensure coverage for every situation and application… day and night!

View more info here, or ask for an extra security camera system to protect your assets when you hire our solar gates.

Add Camera Surveillance to Maximise Protection...

Outdoor Solar Surveillance System

Solar powered security camera system perfect for securing your high-value assets and property on large construction and civil work sites.

This dual focus system with interchangeable lenses and infrared lights ensures coverage for every situation and application… day and night!

Outdoor Solar Surveillance Camera

Solar powered camera system perfect for securing small to medium construction sites, residential home builders, illegal dumping sites, or events.

With two options, the single lens is ideal for monitoring small to medium spaces, while the dual lens is perfect for larger areas.

Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera

Ideal for monitoring sites with access to power. Secure your warehouses, factories, homes & yards, car parks, car yards, schools, construction sites and more.

The low powered wall mounted V3000 video security camera unit features a dual view system with interchangeable lenses and infrared capacity to ensure your valuables are monitored 24/7.

Why it's important to secure your assets


More likely to experience theft or vandalism with $1m annual turnover


Reported stolen equipment is from depots & yards

66% of vandalism victims experience more than one incident

68% experience theft of equipment in the construction industry