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ATF Vision rebrands

The ATF Group is pleased to announce the rebrand of Vision to Vision Intelligence. For all Vision products, please visit our new website.

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Spring Spike In Theft
Theft is typical for this time of the year

Recently we have heard about a spike in residential theft. This is typical for this time of the year. The usual items taken are power tools, materials and appliances.

Studies have shown that 68% of all builders will experience theft or vandalism and 66% will experience theft more than once.

The most effective methods to deter crime

Below are ATF's highly recommend methods to deter crime:

  • Method #1: Take tools home when possible
  • Method #2: Do not have valuable appliances delivered to site until you are ready for them
  • Method #3: Automatically create light or noise for unexpected after hours entry
  • Method #4: (Most effective) Have quality alarmed cameras installed

How ATF Cameras work

ATF are a premium provider of temporary site surveillance systems that have a proven track record of eliminating site theft. Watch the video to find out more about our building site camera solutions.

Coming Soon!
Budget friendly security solution targeted towards residential builders

We are soon to launch our new ATF VISION MATE camera range. This is a cost effective security solution targeted towards residential builders that is very budget friendly at around $480 per month. Compere that to the cost of having to replace tools or materials.

The camera is solar powered and features a single lens camera with motion activated alarms that sends instant alerts to our customers if movement is detected on site. Alarms can be controlled by the builder should they need to start work early or late. Contact your local branch for more information about VISION MATE.

Or give ATF a call on 0508 131 716 for a no obligation chat about your site security needs.