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Additional Fencing Products

Other Temporary Fencing Systems for Hire

Additional Products
Extra Seclusion and a Higher Level of Security

In addition to temporary fencing, crowd control barriers and hoarding, ATF offer a range of additional products that can be used in conjunction to our specialised range of fencing solutions.

Other Fencing Hire Options

Security Compound Fencing
Restrict Entry Through Or Over The Fence

ATF Security Compound Fencing is the ideal solution for locations that need extra seclusion and a higher level of security. ATF Security Compounds are easy to erect and available with extension panels and barbed wire to restrict entry through or over the fencing. Perfect for:

  • Major events or gatherings to secure important equipment
  • Remote construction sites to reduce unlawful activity causing business disruption
  • Airports & government facilities or works

Pedestrian Gates
Designated Access Points for any Construction Site

These accessories include Pedestrian Gates for temporary fencing, which provide suitable designated access / egress points for any construction site.

Unlike a normal temporary fencing site gate which is usually a panel that is not secured into the block allowing a swinging panel, ATF Pedestrian Gates are smaller and purpose built to work like a standard gate rather than mesh panels.

As they also look different from the usual mesh panel they make site directions easier for all site traffic.

Impactor Posts
Certified to Withstand Over 150km Per Hour Wind Speeds

The Impactor Post System provides our customers with the strength of a permanent fence using a temporary fencing system. ATF’s Impactor Post System, depending on configuration, has been engineer certified to withstand over 150km per hour wind speeds.

The added advantage of the system is the removal of the block and bracing, which maximises site development area.

The Impactor Posts System is suitable for commercial, civil, residential, infrastructure and event applications.

Compliment Your Temporary Fencing Hire

ATF offer a range of accessories to compliment your temporary fencing hire including:

  • Barbed Wire (1 or 3 rows)
  • Extensions (to an overall height of approximately 2.4 metres)
  • Shade Cloth (extra bracing required)
  • Hessian (extra bracing required)
  • Handrails (highly recommended to prevent trip hazards along pedestrian thoroughfares)
  • Dog Proofing to prevent entry/exit below panel (fitted to every panel)
  • Pedestrian Gates
  • Vehicle Gates
  • 1/2 Panels
  • Safety Signs
  • Chains and Padlocks

Why it's important to secure your assets


More likely to experience theft or vandalism with $1m annual turnover


Reported stolen equipment is from depots & yards

66% of vandalism victims experience more than one incident

68% experience theft of equipment in the construction industry